Ido Fishman Shares Air Fryer Tricks you Should Know

If you have never used an air fryer before, it is natural to be a little bit intimidated. You will probably have a ton of questions like how long it will take to cook anything, whether it needs to be cleaned and more. Suffice it to say, you can feel quite overwhelmed, but obviously, you also want to make the most out of your air fryer. So, what should you do? Ido Fishman has shared some air fryer tricks that can come in handy for everyone:

  • Preheat the air fryer before you add the food

Similar to an oven, a few minutes of preheating can also benefit an air fryer. You can do it by simply turning it on for a while before you add food to the basket. A lot of people overlook this simple step, but it can actually help you reduce a few minutes off your usual cooking time.

  • Grease the air fryer basket with oil

Even though most air fryer baskets come with non-stick coatings, Ido Fishman recommends that you grease the basket in order to ensure nothing sticks. Oils that have high smoking points, such as soybean oil or safflower, are great for using in air fryers, as the temperatures in the machine can get really hot. If you prefer to use olive oil in your air fryer, it is best to avoid extra-virgin options.

  • Reheat food in the air fryer

Most people reheat food in the microwave, but rather than doing so, it is better to do it in the air fryer because it can give you tastier and crispier leftovers. According to Ido Fishman, anything from pizza and salmon to leftover veggies and roast chicken can be reheated in the air fryer. You should just set it at a lower-than-usual temperature, so the air fryer doesn’t over-cook your food. It will take only a minute and the leftovers will be crispy and hot, rather than bland or soggy.

  • Add water to the air fryer with fatty foods

Your air fryer may start smoking when you use it for cooking items that release a lot of fat, such as bacon, burgers or meatballs. This is because the fat collects in the air fryer pan and starts heating up. If this starts to happen, Ido Fishman suggests that you turn it off, drain the fat and then start cooking again. You could also add water to the tray before you start cooking to prevent it from happening at all. Thanks to the water, the grease will not get too hot and start smoking.

  • Shake the basket a couple of times during cooking

If you want all your food items to be cooked evenly, it is a good idea to give the basket a couple of shakes while cooking. The air fryer can continue running and you can easily remove the basket without any issues. The Ido Fishman blog indicates that this can be quite useful for small items that you want to make crispy, such as small roasted veggies or fries. A couple of shakes are enough and it will help ensuring that everything turns out to be consistent and crisp.

  • Use oil sparingly

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that dousing their food in lots of oil will make it more crispy in the air fryer, but the fact is that less is actually more where oil is concerned. If you use too much olive oil, your food will become soggy rather than crispy. Therefore, it is best to go easy on the olive oil in order to get more texture and maximum flavor.

  • Don’t overcrowd the basket

As per Ido Fishman, if your air fryer basket has too many items, your food won’t get crispy because the air wouldn’t be able to circulate properly. If you have to make a large amount of something, you should cook them in small batches rather than altogether.

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