Delve into the succulent world of fruit salad

There are many different kinds of salads that you can enjoy and you will often see the Saladette Counter in restaurants full to the brim with delicious ingredients. As an aide if you are looking for a similar counter then it is definitely worth having a look at


But as well as your standard salads involving some sort of green leave vegetable and usually tomatoes and cucumber amongst some other ingredients, you can also create yourself a beautiful fruit salad. The concept of a fruit salad is the same in that you select your preferred ingredients and mix them together to form a taste sensation on a plate. There are some wonderful recipes available with suggestions of fruit combinations


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If you are looking for something fresh and simple but packed full of flavour you need not look any further than a berry-melon salad. A selection of berries in whatever varieties that you enjoy the most including strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are combined with a selection of melon pieces from gala to cantaloupe and even watermelon all mixed together in a lemon and honey yogurt mixture. Why not get a little creative and make this fruit salad for your next dinner party and serve it on the empty shell of the watermelon that you have used in the dish.


A grape salad is a simple take on a waldorf inspired salad and again is incredibly simple to make but packs a lot of flavour. The ingredients are simply grapes in whatever variety and colour that you prefer mixed with a yogurt or crème fresh dressing and topped with walnuts or perhaps some seeds of your choice such as pumpkin or sunflower.


If you are looking for an autumn inspired salad then why not try a combination of apples alongside some dried cranberries and cherries mixed together with a plain vanilla yogurt and again topped with the nuts or seeds of your choice. This one is incredibly popular for taking the simple ingredients with you and whipping up quickly in your lunch hour at work.


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When you want to stick with a classic dish you can’t beat the summer fruit salad which can be created from all your favourite summer fruits including apples, oranges, peaches and all kinds of berries. The dish actually imp[roves with age and the longer the fruits all sit together in their juices the more the flavours combine so you will find that many recipes suggest that once you have prepared the fruits and dashed them with a little lemon juice to prevent them browning you should place the bowl in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.

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